Sunday, March 27, 2011

AtoZ Financials, a new entry in the short term loan arena starts by launching Green Leaf Loan Group

On March 1, 2011, AtoZ Financials, LLC a new entry in the short term loan arena started out strong by launching Green Leaf Loan Group.  Company officials stated that, "Green Leaf Loan Group will be handling the Loan side of the business while AtoZ Financials focuses on advertising for Cash Advance Loans, promoting Payday Loan Services and building and marketing the web sites that will be used as part of their core business".  Insiders also stated that 100% of AtoZ Financials business will be in the online space.

By allowing Green Leaf LG to focus on the Lending and Loan Lead side of the business, AtoZ Financials can maintain focus on growing the business.

Green Leaf LG plans on becoming one of the nation’s most trusted Cash Advance lenders and offering their services nationwide from the start.

In wasting no time, on March 15, Green Leaf LG launched its first nation wide cash advance site, Green Leaf VP Toby Howard said; "Now consumers across the USA will see that we will ensure they receive quick funding and premier customer service, as well as secure transactions". Toby, says that Green Leaf LG plans on making sure all users of this site can apply in minutes on the new Zippy Payday Cash website, receive instant approval and receive their loan in as quickly as possible.

While the US market is crowded, it is still full of promise for those that can provide fast cash fast. With its fast funding and ease-of-use, is hoping to make easy cash advances more accessible to all US customers

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